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HSFAW - HIGH IMPACT - Self-Flashing Aluminum Skylight with White Wood Interior
HCMA - HIGH IMPACT - Curb Mount Polycarbonate Skylight with Aluminum Ring
ACW - Aluminum Curb with White Wood Interior
AC - Aluminum Curb
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"The best there was, the best there is, the best there will be!"


John Kennedy, founder of the original Kennedy Skylights, began making plastic skylights in 1964. He was truly a pioneer, as skylights were still in their infancy stage. Traveling across the country in his motor home, John won over the company's first customers by selling the best quality skylights available. In 1977 he decided to retire and sold his successful business to Kent Weisner, an entrepreneur who shared Kennedy's vision of quality products and top-notch customer service.

Mr. Weisner, with the pivotal help of Lee Walls, Kennedy's long time Plant Manager, and Company Vice President Connie Thomas, took the company's skylight product line to the next level. Ms. Thomas and Mr. Walls worked closely together to produce innovative, high quality products at competitive pricing, and provide superior customer service. Kennedy Skylights was the first major manufacturer to produce skylights using polycarbonate plastic. The rest of the industry soon followed its lead. The company's name was changed to Kenergy Skylights, Inc. following Mr. Kennedy's death. Over the next decade and a half the name Kenergy became synonymous with quality products, innovation and customer satisfaction.
Over the years, Kenergy Skylights, Inc. became a well-established name in the skylight industry. After being acquired by a series of corporations wishing to expand their product line and increase their revenue, the company was no longer the same.

Ms. Thomas and Mr. Walls, who helped build that successful company, have now launched a new (but old) skylight company, Kennedy Skylights.

True to its roots of quality products and customer satisfaction, Kennedy Skylights is renewing its relationship with old partners, and forming new partners, to continue to be...

"The best there was,
the best there is,
the best there will be!"

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